Ruminations of a Rationologist

Phil Roberts, Jr.
Moi , back in the days of
my initial 'Aha!' that led to my theory.


presented before
the International Society for Theoretical Psychology,
the International Society for Human Ethology and
the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences



The Evolutionary Function of Self-Esteem
My Derivation of a Moral 'Ought' from an Epistemic 'Is'
Conversation with Herb Gintis on Gene Selfishness, Gene Culture Co-Evolution, etc.
The Meaning of 'Ought'
My Critique of Behaviorism
Hofstatder's Godel Argument (That Minds Are Different from Machines)
My Critique of Dennett's Heterophenomenology
My "Food Fight" with the Society for Philosophy and Psychology (1981-2)