Midwestern Sound Studios
(late sixties - early seventies)

My recording studio around the time of my
sessions with Al Green (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

Various Phil Roberts Recordings and Productions*

Back Up Train
Al's Green's first hit single
Stop and Check Myself
Al Green
It Doesn't Matter Anymore*
The Kingtones
The Last Voyage Home
The Phlegethon
Hot Wire
The People's Choice
How Good the Rain*
Roger Harcourt (The Good Things)
We Have Lost the Way*
John Boggs (Apocalypse)
The Kingtones
Phil Roberts, Jr.
(with a little help from mom's Casio keyboard)

Porky's right about the time (early 60's) the 17 year old future
author of 'Porky's' and 'Porky's Revenge' was sneaking in with fake ID.

The Kingtones Live
Proud Mary
The 3:30 Stormy Monday Blues
Jenny Take a Ride

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