Phil Roberts, Jr.
Me and brother Dave at Loch Ness.

Phil Roberts, Jr.

Philosophere Extraordinaire
Automation, Robotics Freelancer (80's and 90's)
Sound Engineer (60's and 70's)
Musician (1957 - 2007)
Michigan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2010)
Amiable Fellow Who Seems to Think Everything is Funny
(or so I've been told)

Tinkerbell (17 ft. sailboat)
The Mighty Minnie (14 ft. sailboat)
Rogers and Hammerstein
Monty Python Music
Jack Handy Quotations
1960 Fender Proamp (heavily modified) in tandom with
Altec 840A Column Speakers (heavily modified)
(The 3:30 Stormy Monday Blues)